Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Meet: The Yellow Ranger

Corinne Stevie. Where do you even start? Repping Miami Florida, she's recently been tearing up the scene in ATL. If she's not creating music, she's cooking up a new art peice. Personally, I find the her creativity and personailty surprising and refreshing. Corinne Stevie is simply one of those eccentricities where you have to let the work speak for itself.

Here she is in an interview with atl singer Majesty

Her first major solo project The Oddity was just a start. Peep the Timeshare remix to one of my favorites from The Oddity.

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And finally, here's her performing at Jazzman's in Atlanta

She had 3 GotdioN productions on The Oddity and is all over the upcoming Mighty Morphin Mixtape. Pretty much, you'll be seeing a lot more of her here.

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