Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Curse of the Black Ranger

Good news! I've received all the Red Ranger tracks. Now it's up to the Black Ranger to save the day.

Speaking of, over the past 7 months, I've been through 4 Black Rangers. This 5th one is good peoples and I owe him for doing this for me last minute. But with that said though and nothing against him at all, it figures the entire project would be waiting on the Black Ranger. That position has been bad luck haha

In other News...

Monday, March 16, 2009

The 411

The mmmixtape is done minus a few tracks from the Red and Black rangers.

While you're anxiously waiting for it, tell me why this is stuck in my head

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Meet: The Yellow Ranger

Corinne Stevie. Where do you even start? Repping Miami Florida, she's recently been tearing up the scene in ATL. If she's not creating music, she's cooking up a new art peice. Personally, I find the her creativity and personailty surprising and refreshing. Corinne Stevie is simply one of those eccentricities where you have to let the work speak for itself.

Here she is in an interview with atl singer Majesty

Her first major solo project The Oddity was just a start. Peep the Timeshare remix to one of my favorites from The Oddity.

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And finally, here's her performing at Jazzman's in Atlanta

She had 3 GotdioN productions on The Oddity and is all over the upcoming Mighty Morphin Mixtape. Pretty much, you'll be seeing a lot more of her here.

Diva (GotdioN Remix)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meet: The Blue Ranger

IlldotLogic (aka Illington Dotsworth) is, in actual real life, a pimp from the distant future who's spaceship crash-landed here on its way to the 80s. Real Talk. Jacksonville Florida has never been the same.

He's got work all over the place. Yes, even itunes (cop that shit).

Here's just a taste of one of our first collaborations featuring t riple-threat Garlic Bread, from last year's Fuck The World Mixtape volume 2.

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I was pretty excited when I discovered this video of Illdot in the middle of a session for the Mighty Morphin Mixtape. Props to Drazah who recorded the video and is also on the song.

Check Him Out On: Myspace | Blogspot

The Mighty Morphin Mixtape...?

So my current project in progress is entitled GotdioN's Mighty Morphin' Mixtape volume 1. On the surface it's like any other GotdioN Mixtape with most of the usual guests. But then I figured, hey, lets all be a power ranger haha. FACE IT . The babies from the late 80's are starting to make some noise. The 90s are the new retro and they were sick, they were us, and luckily the people I work with have landed me in the middle of a movement where it could totally work if I do it right. All 5 (or 6, ooo aaaah) of the main featured artists on this have completely different approaches, and when you put it all together it's beautiful.

Hopefully the delivery lives up to the concept. If not, there's always volume 2.